Air Matters Mold Testing

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Renee D. Ward, Owner

Bachelors & Masters, Industrial Engineering

EFFECTIVE 5/1/23, Air Matters will be unable to accept

any new business until further notice. Thank you!

What Makes Air Matters Different?

Unlike many of our competitors, Air Matters does not provide any mold remediation services.  We feel this is a conflict of interest in fairly assessing your fungal contamination concerns.  Also, we do not provide any radon, lead, asbestos, bacterial, or other sampling. We specialize in one thing, and one thing only - fungal assessments.  This fact, combined with over 30 years of environmental experience, provides our clients with peace of mind that they are getting the best in the business for their investment.  

Air Matters has been confirming the presence and identity of fungal species since 2002,

so you can breathe easy!


  • Initial Air Sampling
  • Surface and Bulk Sampling
  • Clearance Air Sampling
  • Landlord Tenant Mold Disputes
  • HVAC Duct Sampling
  • Employee IAQ Complaints
  • Mold Allergy Home Testing
  • Water/Mold Insurance Claims
  • Real Estate Mold Inspections