Air Matters Mold Testing

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These are the most frequently asked questions about our services:


Does Air Matters provide free estimates? 
Air Matters is happy to provide general estimates over the phone, written estimates via email, or answer your questions and provide general guidance free of charge.  We are unable to confirm the presence or identity of fungal species based on physical descriptions or photographs.

Do you do any mold remediation or cleaning?  Unlike many of our competitors, we do not provide any mold remediation services. We feel this is a conflict of interest in fairly assessing fungal contamination.

What does a typical assessment involve?  The site visit will include a visual inspection, temperature and relative humidity readings, electronic moisture level detection readings, and environmental sampling (air samples, surface samples, or both as required).

How long does an assessment usually take? The process normally takes 2-4 hours, depending on the numbers and types of samples taken. A more exact time frame can be given once your specific sampling needs are confirmed.

Do I have to be present for you to complete an assessment?  Although most clients prefer to be present, or have a representative on their behalf, it is not necessary to be present for the assessment.  If Air Matters LLC has access to the areas being sampled, all paperwork and payment processing can be handled electronically.

How far in advance do I need to schedule sampling?  Air Matters LLC is typically booked a week to ten days out.  RUSH appointments are possible depending on the sampling needs and location, and we do occasionally have late cancellations that allow for faster scheduling.

Do you travel outside the Raleigh area? Service is based out of our Raleigh office but extends west to Winston-Salem and east to Wilmington and the Outer Banks.  Work outside Raleigh involves travel surcharges, dependent on the project location. Written proposals are provided and must be signed for all out of state work.

Do you analyze your own samples? All of our samples are analyzed by a fully EMLAP accredited independent laboratory (EMSL Analytical) located in Morrisville, NC.

How long does it take to get results back? Once the assessment is completed, the samples are delivered and a verbal report is provided within 48 business hours, assuming payment has been processed.  The full written report is emailed by the end of the following business day.RUSH service, including same day turn-around of lab results, is available at an additional charge.

Can you determine the source of the mold? Determining the specific source and elimination of conditions that may be contributing to fungal growth is technically beyond the scope of work performed by Air Matters LLC and may be addressed by a qualified mold remediation contractor or other appropriate contractor or professional. However, any conditions Air Matters LLC feels may be contributing factors to fungal growth based on our professional experience will be identified.

If there is no visible growth, how do you determine if there is a mold problem? For air sampling packages, indoor air sample results are compared to the outdoor baselines. There are no specific numerical guidelines that have been established for fungal contamination, but what you want to find is the same types of species present in the indoor air that are present in the outdoor baselines in about the same or lesser quantities.Higher elevations of a species, presence of a species that is typically associated with high moisture content or water damaged building materials, or presence of a species that is known to have greater health concerns would be examples of red flags Air Matters LLC would look for in interpreting the lab results.

Do your reports include recommendations?  The written report documents the conditions at the time of the assessment, describes the environmental sampling performed, includes the laboratory analysis, and provides suggested action items based on the findings. 

How much does mold testing cost?  All of our sampling packages start with a base price for either air or surface sampling.  Additional fees are added based on a client’s need for additional samples, crawlspace access, physical location, etc. If a client needs both air and surface sampling, it is not necessary to purchase both packages.  Individual surface samples may be added to either an initial air sampling package or a clearance air sampling package.  See our pricing page for more details.

When is payment due? Full payment is required at the time of testing, and sampling results and reports will not be released if there is an outstanding balance. Non-residential clients may arrange for invoiced payment terms. 

Do you take credit cards?  We accept cash, checks, or most major credit cards through Square (on site) or PayPal (on line). All paperwork may be handled electronically or signed by an agent representative, if a client is unable to be present for the actual testing. We also offer direct billing to the insurance carrier for claim cases, providing the sampling has been approved by the adjuster or other company representative.

If I know I am going to do remediation, do I still need mold testing? If you know for certain you are planning to remove all contaminated materials and complete remediation, sampling may not be necessary. However, some remediation contractors require clients to complete initial baseline testing to confirm the species and amounts present and to assist the remediation contractor with the project scope. A clearance sampling can then be done post-remediation to ensure that remediation efforts were successful.  Also, many insurance claims require third party sampling.

Do you recommend mold remediation companies?  Air Matters LLC does not specifically recommend or endorse any specific mold remediation companies.  We do provide information in the written report that outlines the industry best practices that reputable remediation contractors follow. We are also happy to provide contact information on mold remediation companies that other clients have used and been pleased with. Air Matters LLC suggests that you obtain a minimum of two estimates before selecting a remediation contractor.  For insurance claims, your adjuster may assign a mold remediation company to you.